Me, Myself and I

What makes me tick

Hi, I’m Joe Biellik, a programmer and developer living in Devon, England doing both contract and freelance work - online and off. I run my own technology consultancy company J C Biellik Ltd. providing bespoke solutions the enterprise market.

Committed to producing the best possible results, I am a highly motivated individual dedicated to professional, innovative and creative solutions for my clients.

I love overcoming problems and hand crafting a product for my client's needs. I've undertaken countless projects for companies and individuals from all over the world and enjoyed and learnt from every one!

I hope you enjoy viewing this, my online portfolio.
~ Joe Biellik

Tools of the Trade

After all, knowledge is power

I'm a perfectionist and won't settle for anything but the best. This means that all my work is fully cross-system and standards compliant, software is fully tested and deployed with continuous integration.

I specialize in clustered bespoke networking, deployment of cloud based SaaS applications and virtulization based IaaS solutions, as well as desktop and low level programming with a variety of systems and languages.

My most used languages and technologies include:

I mostly develop for Windows and Linux platforms, with extensive experience using RHEL systems.

All my work is hand coded to the highest quality and I follow the latest coding standards and conventions to ensure my work is maintainable and extendible. I only produce the best.

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